Search And Replace - Teaser Promo


August 21st, 2020

1 min 30 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

I'm Joe Taylor Jr. During my work as a writer, a business consultant, and a radio producer, I've been fortunate to talk with a lot of people.

Most people usually tell me there's one little thing they changed about their daily routines that made a huge impact in their professional and personal lives.

And I'm not talking about the -- one weird thing -- you see on clickbait articles deep down the social media mine shaft.

On Search & Replace, our guests share ideas you can try right now that lead to significant results.

Every episode's just seven minutes long, so you can easily make it a part of your own daily routine. If you're a fan of writers like Brené Brown, James Clear, or Marie Kondo, we think you'll enjoy the show.

It's Search & Replace — coming very soon to wherever you get your podcasts.